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With today's trend towards energy efficiency in our homes, some of the products we install may qualify for federal
and/or PP&L rebates. Now is the best time to upgrade your old, inefficient household appliances and save!
Call us at 570-427-8971 for more information on other products that may qualify you for
incentive rebates. The following websites may provide other useful information
on energy efficiency and incentives:

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

PP&L Rebate Information

Mitsubishi Comfort
Note: Not all units qualify for rebates. It is up to you to determine your product's eligibility.

AHRI Certificate
1. Go to

2. Under residential, select either "Variable Speed Mini-Split and Multi-Split Air Conditioners" or "Variable Speed Mini-Split and Multi-Split Heat Pumps" as
pertaining to your unit.

3. Under Outdoor Unit Manufacturers (Systems), select Mitsubishi Electric and Electronics.

4. Under Outdoor Unit Trade/Brand Name, select Mr. Slim.

5. Enter the code in the picture at the bottom right hand corner of the form and click search. (Depending on the time needed to do steps 3 and 4, you may
need to enter the code a second time.)

6. Using the Outdoor Unit column, look for your condensing unit's model number (you may need to click on "Next 20 Records" on the bottom left to continue
searching). Double click on the model number. Select "open" when prompted by the dialogue box and the AHRI certificate will open on another page. Print
the certificate to include with your PPL form.

PPL Rebate Information
Using the AHRI certificate, fill out the PPL Rebate form. For more information on PPL rebates, visit their website.

Federal Tax Information
Visit Energy Star to learn about incentives and what you'll need to provide to your tax preparer.